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Who Is Melanubia?

Melanubia is a Canadian Skin Care brand that provides the world with luxurious skin care products featuring safe, unique and high-quality ingredients hand picked by our scientific formulation experts. Our main ingredients Herbal Melanin is an all-natural, well-known Anti-Oxidant, free radical scavenger and UV protective agent. Therefore, using our Herbal Melanin infused skin care consistently will provide multiple effective functions to achieve healthy and comfortable skin.

Our rich & prestigious products infused with Herbal Melanin are able to naturally address itching, rashes, black heads, dryness as well as formation of age wrinkles & many other irritable skin occurrences.

Both scientists and cosmetic experts have joined hands together to infused Herbal Melanin into our blend of high-quality skin care/ health products to provide a rich & beneficial experience for your skin.

Melanubia's entire skin care line is made in Canada & infused with Herbal Melanin. 

What is Herbal Melanin?

Herbal Melanin is a non-toxic and hypo allergenic material that generates an effective balance of hydration and suppleness, leading to a natural youthful glow from the healthiness of your skin. The presence of Herbal Melanin in Melanubia Skin Care helps to soothe irritation and bring the skin back to its healthiest form. 

Those who have short-term skin damage from the sun, as well as those with long-term signs of aging, wrinkles or rough textures, can benefit from using creams with Herbal Melanin. Our innovative ingredients mixed with Herbal Melanin allow our creams to provide effectiveness against harmful UV ray damage, as well as soothe any skin problem with it's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Irritant capabilities. These properties give Melanubia's Herbal Melanin infused skin care the maximum ability to maintain skin healthiness using completely natural ingredients!

The Melanin used in our products is 100% natural and sourced from premium plant sources. Our long list of beneficial ingredients help to soothe & safe-guard the skin against on-going damage. The colour of Herbal Melanin at different concentrations is the same shades of human skin and may therefore, be used in applications that require materials to safely mimic any human skin tone.

When you get to know us, you will notice, we care about the health of your skin.

All of our products are manufactured in Toronto, Canada.

All of our products are recyclable, sustainable & in support of our economy.

Our main ingredients:

The World's first Herbal Melanin infused skin care.